About Sanding  House

Sanding House has been serving the needs of the Glass and Mirror trade for over 20 years under the business name "Glass House Abrasives". Supplying sanding belts and sanding discs and related products. With our expansion into other industries, the name is being changed to Sanding House to better reflect the range of industry we now service.

We specialize in business to business transactions.
Meeting the special needs of companies.

  • The product has to be there on time, every time. You cannot afford to be without product.
  • The product has to get the job done fast.¬† Time is labor. Labor is money. Low quality products cost money.
  • The product has to last. These are products you use everyday, not once in a while. They have to perform.
  • The product has to be well priced, so you remain competitive and profitable.